Video: CNN and Chris Cuomo Now White House Advocates?

Did you catch Chris Cuomo on CNN Tuesday, vowing that CNN will help the White House “shame Congress” into action regarding President Obama’s free community college program? You know, the program that would force taxpayers into paying community college tuition for qualified students for two years?

We have our thoughts on that matter, but what really got to my co-host, Chris Markowski, and to me this morning was the fact that an anchor of a major news outlet (not an analyst who’s paid to give his actual opinions) and the news outlet itself are taking a political stance like this. Where is the objectivity here? What ever happened to real, honest journalism?

Thanks, Cuomo and CNN, but we prefer spin-free news coverage and fact-based journalism so that we, along with the rest of the American taxpayers who would have to foot the bill on this, can discern for ourselves whether we think it’s a good idea.