Video: Attack On D.C. Is ISIS Holy Grail

Make no mistake about it a Paris type attack in Washington, D.C. would be one of the greatest achievements of the Islamic State war on the countries involved in the “crusader campaign.” It would be a stunning act of terror that could prove they can attack the United States Capitol within blocks of where lawmakers and President Obama are waging war on them.

The attack on Washington, D.C. would be something that on 9/11 al-Qaeda could not complete. One plane of course hit the Pentagon killing 125 people. Meanwhile, the second plane, United Airlines Flight 93, initially was headed to Washington, D.C., but crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers tried to overcome the hijackers, killing 44 people.

That plane was headed to either the White House or the Capitol building to complete the drama of the day as in New York we saw the taking down both of the towers of the World Trade Center. The Islamic State is more sophisticated and well organized than al-Qaeda.

The Paris attacks were carried out by only eight people and hit soft targets, a stadium, a concert hall and a number of restaurants. To think that it could not be done in Washington, D.C. even with heightened security is simply naïve.

Protecting the nation’s capital, D.C. police have unique experience working with the federal government to keep people safe, Mayor Muriel Bowser said. Despite that YouTube video from ISIS, police said they are unaware of any credible threat to the city.

“We take every threat seriously,” Bowser said. “Our city is always at a heightened level of alert.”

While there are no specific threats against the Capitol, lawmakers and their aides should use the tunnels between congressional buildings and take other precautions, Capitol Police said in a memo to lawmakers’ offices Monday. The memo urges those who work for Congress to make sure their offices know where they are.

Capitol Police “increased presence and visibility” at the Capitol complex following Friday’s attacks. Police also called on people working on Capitol Hill to report anything suspicious.

The terror group released a video on Monday threatening to attack Washington, D.C., and countries involved in the “crusader campaign.”The offensive move by the Islamic State comes days after Paris was hit by gunmen and suicide bombers and as France ramps up airstrikes against the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

This is a group that a global force that we have never encountered because they are smart and nimble. It is group that uses a very sophisticated technology to communicate and they can carry out attacks with small but well organized forces.

It is time to understand that the biggest threat to the United States is a smart, agile and well funded Islamic State. Stopping them requires more brain power than bombing and we need to understand that sooner than later.

*Video from the New York Daily News and NBC 4 Washington.

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