U.S. Rap Duo To Make Music Video In N. Korea

Peso and Pacman (AFP Photo)

Washington (AFP) – Pacman and Peso are rappers with an ambition. They want to stand out in Washington’s hip-hop scene — and they’re going all the way to reclusive North Korea to do it.

Their plan: to make what might be the first hip hop video ever filmed in Asia’s last hardline communist state.

“You’ve got to do something different,” said Pacman, real name Anthony Bobb, lounging on a sofa in the bedroom-slash-recording studio of their music producer’s Washington row house.

“That’s why North Korea — ain’t nobody ever did it before,” he told AFP.

Pacman, 19, and Peso, 20, probably won’t shake hands with Kim. Nor do they claim to be experts in the mysterious inner workings of a repressive state where the Cold War still simmers.

North Korea’s missile on parade in Pyongyang from April 15, 2012 / AP

What they do expect in North Korea is “a different feel, a different scene, a different everything,” said Pacman, as one of the duo’s tracks, “Levels Remix” played in the background.

Source: Yahoo News