U.S./Cuba Detente Has Coast Guard Working OT

MIAMI (AP) _ The U.S. Coast Guard says it’s documenting increasing instances of violence and noncompliance at sea among Cuban migrants.

U.S. immigration policies haven’t changed with the restoration of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington.

But the chief of response for the Coast Guard’s 7th District says an ongoing surge in Cubans fleeing their homeland by sea is fueled by rumors they soon will lose the benefits of the so-called ‘wet-foot, dry-foot” policy allowing Cubans reaching U.S. land to stay and pursue citizenship.

Capt. Mark Fedor says his crews have been documenting more hostility among the migrants as well over the last six months.

Fedor says security has been added for migrants aboard Coast Guard vessels because more are jumping overboard, trying to poison themselves or suffering self-inflicted wounds in attempts to be taken to U.S. shore.