U.S. Conducts 10 Airstrikes Against ISIS

TAMPA, Fla. — U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria, using a mix of fighter, attack and remotely piloted aircraft to conduct 10 airstrikes Thursday and today.

In Iraq, five airstrikes south and southwest of Kirkuk destroyed three ISIL Humvees and one ISIL vehicle, disabled two ISIL armed vehicles and damaged one ISIL mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle. One airstrike west of Baghdad destroyed an ISIL guard shack, an armed vehicle and a bunker. One airstrike near Al Qaim destroyed four ISIL armed vehicles, a command and control node and a checkpoint.

In Syria, three airstrikes south and southeast of Dayr Az Zawr destroyed four ISIL tanks and damaged another.

These strikes were conducted as part of the President’s comprehensive strategy to degrade and destroy ISIL.