Two Facebook Scams You Should Be Aware Of

There are two Facebook scams going around that you may or may not be aware of.

The first scam claims you will win a free iPhone 6 if you fill out a survey. To get this “free iPhone 6” you must “like” the page and then share it. Then it asks you to fill out a survey and then hands your info to third party services that will email and call you like no tomorrow.

The second scam is a viral video titled “Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another man.” If you see this video, don’t click on it! It will make you download a plugin that it claims is required to play the video. Of course, your computer will be hit will malware and other harmful code.

Tips to avoid Facebook scams:

1. If it says it’s free — it’s probably a scam
2. Don’t share these posts, it just spreads the scam
3. Do not install plugins and updates via Facebook viral videos