TSA Grant Will Help Miami Airport

TSA_Airport_2013MIAMI (AP) — A new grant from the Transportation Security Administration will help Miami International Airport update its baggage scanners.

Airport and Miami-Dade County officials announced the $101 million grant Friday. It provides the bulk of funding for a five-year project.

Miami-Dade County Aviation Department Deputy Director Ken Pyatt tells The Miami Herald that the grant is a “big game-changer” that will help the airport replace old equipment with new, state-of-the-art technology.

Some of the grant will pay for 12 explosive-detection machines that use technology similar to hospital CT scanners. Pyatt says the new machines should reduce the number of bags that have to be searched by hand.

The new equipment will replace the baggage screeners that have been located near airline ticket counters since 9/11.

Source: The Associated Press