Trinity CFO Arrested on 123 Counts of Video Voyeurism

SUSPECT: James Stanton, 04/27/1974, W/M, 10339 Palladio Drive, Trinity (business Chief Financial Officer)

CHARGES: 123 Counts of Video Voyeurism

Over the past several years, the suspect used a video recording device to capture 123 files that depict five victims using bathrooms and showering in the company’s locker room. An IT employee discovered the videos when he was asked to service the suspect’s computer. He provided the videos and information to management. After he saw no action from management, the employee came to police with the information and the videos. There are more than 200 videos that date back to 2010, but in some of the videos, the camera did not capture the victims’ faces. We are working to identify those additional victims. The suspect is seen in videos manipulating the camera after the girls exit the rooms. Detectives served the business with a search warrant at 9 a.m. this morning, where the suspect was also arrested and taken to Orient Road Jail. Evidence was taken and will be analyzed to determine if there are additional videos, employees involved and charges. If there are additional victims, please contact 813-231-6130.

Source: Tampa Police Media