Top Five Fake Stories of the Week

The line between what news sites are fake and which ones are real is becoming increasingly blurred. It’s more difficult now to tell which stories are true and which are false. So to save you the embarrassment of talking about these stories at the water cooler (or for the modern age: on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites) as if they were true, here are the top five fake stories of the week.


Top Five Fake Stories of the Week



1. Bill Cosby did NOT molest Raven-Symone


The actress, who played the youngest child in the Cosby family show, took to Instagram to dispel the “disgusting rumor,” which started on Hip Hop Hangover, a fake-news site. “I was NOT taking [sic] advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show!” Raven wrote. “I was practically a baby … Now keep me out of this!”

2. Chipotle does NOT use dog or cat meat in its food


Huzler reported this story after their claim that the FDA had spotted “dog and cat corpses in one Chipotle factory” and that the entire chain would soon shut down. Chipotle lovers can now rest assured.

3. Emmanuel Sanders is NOT dead.


The wide receiver for the Broncos took a bad hit during the Broncos-Rams game on Monday, Nov. 16. Some tasteless joker took to Sander’s Wikipedia page after the game and put “Nov. 16” as his date of death. Sanders was a good sport and cleared up the rumor the next day in the best way possible: he took a selfie.

4. A young “Hero Boy” did NOT save a girl in Syria


The youtube video, where a young boy ran through a shootout to save a girl hiding behind a car, was staged. The director Lars Klevberg apologized for the video saying that the fake video was part of a campaign to “get attention and spur debate” about the Syrian war.

5. Jose Canseco did NOT try to sell his finger on eBay


While the Yankee player did shoot his finger off last month (they were able to reattach it, don’t worry!), the recent rumors that the finger fell off and that Canseco was going to sell it on eBay was a prank. Canseco said that he got the idea after he saw a fake finger at a Halloween store. Here’s how the prank began: