My Top 5 Viral Videos Of The Week

Viral Videos This Week

From the late night gang to Taylor Swift, here are some of my favorite top 5 viral videos this week from YouTube.

5. Taylor Swift and Greg James from BBC 1 Radio sitting in the car together lip synching Swifty’s new song ‘Blank Space’. Let’s face it, her songs are catchy and whether you have been a Swift fan since the beginning or just tuning in, you know you love this song.

4. The highly anticipated Avengers 2: Age of Ultron due May 2015. Many fans of the Marvel series are raving about the new trailer and the excitement about the new film continues to grow. The first Avengers grossed $207,438,708 opening weekend and made a worldwide gross of $1,514,357,910.

3. Nick Offerman makes wood emoji’s for Conan. Nowadays we often use emoji’s when we text message our family and friends. Offerman who has an actual wood shop at his own home, created this commercial parody with combining his skills and popular social media trends.

2. Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum take on Fallon’s popular game, ‘Box of Lies’. I recommend just pressing play already.

1. A mother posts a video of her toddler getting emotional while watch “The Chipmunk Adventure”. Make sure you have some tissues because this tot is adorable!

That is my weekly viral video wrap up. What are your favorite viral videos of the week? Share in the comments below.