Top 10 Summer Pinterest Recipes

Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicle Get your tequila with no drunk-dial regrets in this week’s cocktail popsicle featuring a honeydew margarita with cucumber. This may be my favorite cocktail pop yet! I love how the cucumber lends a crisp refreshing edge to sweetness of the honeydew and the tequila bite. Click here for the recipe.

Spiced Apple Pork Burger With the summer grilling season right around the corner this is an easy, unique, recipe The secret ingredient in these is the addition of apple sauce to the ground pork.The other thing that makes these so special is the combination of spices used to season the meat. Chili powder, cinnamon, ground mustard and black pepper marry together the apple flavor marvelously with the pork. Click here to get the recipe.

Late Summer Grilled Corn Salsa This fresh summer salsa is a great snack or any outdoor picnic or BBQ. With fresh corn, light jalapenos, minced cilantro, red onions and more all mix to create this unique summer salsa. I’ve never seen these unique, healthy, ingredients mix together in this way but it creates a burst of flavor that goes great with pasta salad and burgers. It’s a great appetizer for family and friends and is healthier than regular salsa recipes. Click here for the recipe.

Hot Dog Flowers These take a classic summer staple (hot dogs) and turns them into a unique, easy to eat, fun food item for any picnic. They are easy to pick up and decorate and simple to make. This is great for a rainy summer day because you don’t need to grill to cook them, just preheat the oven and BAM! A great big-kid sized treat. They add a unique flare to any summer meal and a fun way to get kids to eat their whole meal. It’s great because you can add anything you want to the flower, mustard, shredded cheese, relish, ketchup or make them “dunk-able.” The ‘pigs in a blanket’ spin off will be talked about all summer long. Click here for the recipe.

Baked Sweet Potato Sticks The best way to eat sweet potatoes! You can use any spices you like. I usually cut mine into slices as opposed to sticks and I also toss them in a ziploc bag to coat with oil and spices. Easy, healthy and delicious. This is a great way to give kids “fries” but not worry about all the calories. This very easy recipe can be a great add-in to any picnic or BBQ themed grill out this summer. It’s a fresh and tasty treat to go with your classic burgers and chicken. Click here for the recipe.

Summer Beer Mix This somewhat sweet, totally refreshing seasonal beverage gets the party started. In fact, I kind of get cranky in festive summer occasions if I don’t have a glass at my disposal. Luckily, it’s super simple to throw together. Take a big pitcher and throw in light cold beer, pink lemonade concentrate, and some vodka (as much a you’d like) and it creates a sweet, refreshing, taste that everyone will love! Careful because this sweet summer drink can go down fast! Click here for the recipe.

Breakfast Egg And Avocado Tostada While the Tostadas made me grin from ear to ear, the avocado was the star. This great snack can be a breakfast or appetizer for any summer meal. For breakfast its a great, healthy, way to start the day with only 300 calories. Crazy right? This food blogger has all the tips  on how to eat healthy. Click here for the recipe.

Thin Crust Pizza Bites These fun, bite sized pizza snacks are great fun for any family. You can create your own original recipe and load them with any ingredient you want! They are crispy and loaded with flavor. These are great to pick up and eat while on the run and can be a great appetizer. I like them because they are easy to make and I can create fun sized snack for everyone in my family by creating different pizza’s. Click here to get the recipe.

Summer Guacamole This unique and fresh guac recipe is full of fruits and veggies. It’s a healthy side dish for any summer meal, or if you really love this guacamole add it to toast and make it a sandwich. It’s a tropical twist to a classic dish and is a fun appetizer for any meet and greet. It has a great summer feel and full of color. Add more jalapenos to create a spicier dish, or more fruit to create a fresher taste. Click here for the recipe.

Nutella Strawberry Shortcake Cup This is my favorite summer fun recipe. Put the ingredients together in a mason jar to create a fun, southern, summer twist. Filled with strawberries, whipped cream, nutella and lemon juice. This classic summer dessert has been turned into a fun, portable, dessert and great to throw in a picnic basket. Add more flavor by putting in a scoop of ice cream or some peanut butter. Click here to get the recipe.