Three-Year-Old Girl With Autism Gets Famous For Paintings

You probably recognize the names of artists like Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh. How about Halmshaw? You might not know that last painter’s name yet, but you do now. Iris Halmshaw is a 3-year-old painter from England taking the art world by storm. You can view some of her astonishing artwork here on her website.

So how does a 3-year-old find art fame? Since Iris is autistic and does not speak, painting has been a therapeutic way for her to express herself. Her mother said she looked for ways to help control Iris’s tantrums and one day discovered that painting soothed her. She put the first of Iris’s paintings titled “Patience” on Facebook, where it surprisingly got a lot of attention and inquiries for purchase.

See her paintings here.

Not only has Iris been featured in newspapers, but she has the art world talking. A private collector just bought two of her original pieces for over $2,000, and inquiries are coming in from all over the world. Her work will even be featured in an exhibit in central London. Proceeds from the sale of Iris’s art will go toward paying for costly therapy sessions.