Dr. William Davis Says Our Wheat Was Changed

This past week we interviewed Dr. William Davis. He has researched changes in our wheat supply and effects on the American diet. His book, Wheat Belly was written after many of his patients showed marked weight loss and improved blood sugar levels after eliminating wheat from their diets.

The most intriguing aspect of the story is when he talks about changes in the wheat supply. The reality is, it happened so long ago, no one even thought to ask how our wheat  was changed and why.

“William Davis, MD, is a preventive cardiologist whose unique approach to diet allows him to advocate reversal, not just prevention, of heart disease. He is the founder of theTrack Your Plaque program. He lives in Wisconsin. Nothing here should be construed as medical advice, but only topics for further discussion with your doctor. I practice cardiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” (From his Wheat Belly blog)

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