The More You Text The Less You Sleep

sleep_texting_2013According to a new survey, millions of people have BACK problems because they spend so much time hunched over their iPads and smartphones. Supposedly it’s being referred to as “iPosture” . . . but I think we can all ignore that part.

In the survey, 84% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 say they’ve had back pain in the last year. And they’re missing one-and-a-half more days of work each year because of it.

The average person in that age group spends 8.8 hours in front of some sort of screen every DAY, compared to 6.6 hours for people over 55. And that DOESN’T include watching TV.

Also, our tech addiction might be affecting our SLEEP. Another study found people who text a lot don’t sleep as well, partly because they keep their phone next to their bed, and they’re more likely to reply to messages in the middle of the night.


Source: 933flz