Texas Man Sells Abraham Lincoln’s Hair For $25,000

Well, when fathers die, at some point their sons sell their valuable collections. In this case, Texas history buff Donald Dow had over five decades built up quite the Abraham Lincoln memorabilia collection.

He died in 2009, and his son collected over $800,000 auctioning most of it off in Dallas on Saturday. Some of the more expensive items:

  • A lock of President Lincoln’s hair, removed by Surgeon General Joseph Barnes shortly after he was shot on April 14, 1865, fetched $25,000.
  • A letter John Wilkes Booth wrote to a friend, $30,000.
  • Booth’s arrest warrant, $21,000.
  • In all, over 300 items were sold, on this the sesquicentennial year (150) of Lincoln’s assassination.

    ABC’s Jim Ryan joined us from Dallas to discuss.

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