Teen Football Star Dies From Over-Hydration


A high school student athlete’s life ended tragically from over-hydration after football practice.

Zyrees Oliver, a football star at Douglas County High School outside Atlanta died after he lapsed into a coma after drinking two gallons of water and two gallons of Gatorade to stop cramps.

Dr. Mark Flodin of GMS in Tampa says that Oliver’s brain swelled up because of the water and killed him.

“When you drink too much water, especially if its done rapidly, the water shifts into the cells, causing the cells to swell, and the cell dies,” said Dr. Flodin per WTSP. “In this case, the brain, which is in a rigid box, the skull, it has no where to go. If it begins to swell, the brain rapidly dies.”

Doctors advise people to drink water over a long period of time. Don’t overdo it. They also recommend drinking sports drinks to replace the electrolytes your body sweats out.