Ybor City Streets Get Makeover

How Will Street Makeover Help Tampa Economy?

Ybor City is a very common place for local college students to unwind and have some fun with it’s populated streets of bar’s and club’s. But it’s not the entertainment portion of Ybor that will get a facelift but the streets itself.The debate is whether this is a practical process the state of Florida is going to take?

According to Chuck Henson of Bay News 9, the major construction makeover will take place on 21st and 22nd Street in Ybor, hopefully to add a more welcoming appearance to the city for locals and tourists.

This project will include an attractive brick walkway for pedestrians, bikers and joggers as well as foliage, added lighting and benches. Not only that, a new sewer line will be constructed by the City of Tampa underneath the new streets before any of the surfacing takes place.

While this may increase economic impact for Tampa, the project will cost $8.3 million and reduce the driving lanes from three to two, which will most likely cause more traffic.