Unemployment Rate Decreases in Tampa Bay Area


The unemployment rate in the Bay area has statistically shown to decrease over the course of a year.

According to the Florida Department of Economic Oppurtunity, Florida created 32,000 private-sector jobs in October of 2014.

The Bay area has added 19,800 jobs this October compared to a year ago. The unemployment rate in the Tampa area dropped down .8 percent since October 2013, according to BayNews9. Governor Rick Scott explains the opportunity that the bay area has.

“The creation of 19,800 new jobs over the years means that more Floridians in the Tampa area are able to provide their families and prepare for the future,” Scott said. “Let’s keep working to create an opportunity economy, so that all Floridians have the opportunities to succeed for generations to come.”

The Tampa-St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas were among the top two areas to gain professional and business jobs over the year.

The business services were able to gain 10,200 new jobs, while trade, transportation and utilities generated 6,800 new jobs. Those are the industries with the biggest gain in jobs over the year.

Hopefully the unemployment rate continues to dip, and more jobs and opportunities can arise in the bay area.