Trailer Loses Load On Courtney Campbell Causeway

Tampa Police and road rangers are on the Courtney Campbell Causeway cleaning up debris that is backing up traffic.

According to Tampa police, an SUV pulling a trailer lost a large portion of the load from the trailer on each of the southbound lanes of Memorial Highway south of the causeway. Containers filled with baby formula and infant care and service magazines littered the roadway, police say.

The debris caused traffic to back up and a roadway hazard to occur.

TPD units used brooms and shovels to clear away most of the debris while leaving two emergency lanes open for traffic flow.

Police say the majority of the debris is now clear and road rangers are waiting for specialized trucks and street sweepers to respond.

The issue resulted in an extensive back up for southbound Veteran’s Expressway, sounthbound Memorial Highway, eastbound CCC and merging Eisenhower traffic.

There is no timetable for how long clean up will take.