Tampa Bay Gets On Shark Week Due To Elusive Hammerhead Shark

The Bay area is getting to shine on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The reason? There have been a few hammerhead sharks spotted in the Gulf waters for over a century. One particular hammerhead shark is what the crew of Discovery Channel is looking for. It’s name is “Old Hitler” and it would be over 70 years old as it’s rumored to be over 25-feet long. Given the name by the US Coast Guard and Navy during World War II, it was spotted when the Coast Guard and Navy used blimps to find enemy submarines.  According to rumors, this hammerhead has broken 400 lbs fishing leaders and almost jumped into boats to steal fish from  fishermen. “Old Hitler” is going to be featured on the show “Monster Hammerhead” which will debut at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

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