International Mall theft Totals More Than $250,000

International Mall

Police are still working to obtain a copy of the surveillance tape in the smash and grab robbery at the International Mall on Tuesday.

The robbery occurred at The Mayors. It caused such a panic that shoppers thought that shots had been fired. The robbers broke in using sledge hammers and stole 11 Rolex watches in a span of 15 seconds, according to They Mayors management.

Mayors Jewlers management is sure of who the suspects are. They left behind DNA when one of them was cut by the glass. Investigators say it’s a matter of time before they’re arrested.

According to WTSP, the truck the robbers used to get away was stolen from the Brandon Mall around 3:45 p.m. — just 15 minutes before the robbery occurred. The aforementioned truck belongs to a Hillsborough County deputy who was off-duty at the time. His wife drove it to the mall and parked outside Sears whilst shopping.

Mayors Jewlers remains open for business Wednesday but the area in which the robbery unfolded is taped off.