Craft Brewers: Brewing Pumpkin Beer An Art

Although it is technically the fall season in Florida, it’s still extremely warm, its time for many who enjoy an adult beverages favorite season– pumpkin beer season. Pumpkin beer isn’t like other types of beers according to craft brewers. Brewing it is like it an art and takes an extreme amount of skill and patience which pays off. In 2013, the sales were up 15 percent for pumpkin beer. So how do they do it

“It’s fall in your mouth, pretty much,” said Wayne Wambles, head brewmaster at Cigar City in an interview with ABC Action News. “It creates a sensory memory.” But how do they do it?

“We use caramelized pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices,” Wambles said. “Some brewers only use pumpkin and some make a beer, then add pumpkin pie spices but no real pumpkin.” Cigar City hung out its shingle in 2009 but Wambles said he’s been crafting the recipe for Good Gourd since 1994, when he was homebrewing in his garage.

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