Colleges Rush To Educate Students In Cybersecurity

Between Target, Home Depot and Sony, computer hacks have infurated consumers who have had personal information compromised. This is only a fractino of what is going on in the world of cybercrime, though.

This from Jerome R. Stockfisch at the Tampa Tribune:

“According to Nextgov, the online resource for federal technology decision makers, energy giant BP faces 50,000 attempts at cyberintrusion a day. The Pentagon? Ten million a day. The National Nuclear Security Administration? Another 10 million.”

What his has done has sparked a mad dash for cybersecurity experts, and another for colleges across the nation to recruit and educate students in that field. One of our local universities, the University of Tampa, is one school that recently added a cybersecurity program.

The demand is very high. I’ve had students get into cyberspace companies with just one security class, never mind an entire major,” said Kenneth Knapp, a professor of information and technology management at UT and head of the school’s cybersecurity program. “With all of the high-profile breaches over this last year or so, more focus has been on security than I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing it since I was 21 years old in the Air Force.”

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