Tampa: Car Crash Claims Two Lives, Shuts Down Tampa Road

The Tampa Bay Times reports that two Tampa men died in a car crash early Saturday morning while speeding away from gun shots. The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. near the 3700 block of Lowry Court.

Willie Boyd III, 20, and Algernon Belin Jr., 28, were riding in a black Honda Civic when shots fired out. Witnesses then saw the Honda peeling away from the house.

The driver, whom police have not identified, lost control of the car a short distance later, crashing at 46th Street and Lake Avenue.

Minutes later, when police arrived, Boyd and Belin were already dead. Lake Avenue was shut down most of the morning and drivers were detoured.

Police said the Honda Civic was reported stolen from the Hollywood Nights club earlier that Saturday morning and they believe the car was involved in the shooting, but investigations are ongoing.