18 Year Old To St. Pete Police: “Kill Me!”

St. Pete police shot and killed a suspect after the suspect shot and injured an officer yesterday evening.

Police were responding to a call reporting another person had been shot at about 6 o’clock in the Coffee Pot Bayou area of St. Pete.

Officers identified 18 year old Austin Goodner as a suspect and were searching in the area of his address at 5236 Robin Lane North.

Goodner’s parents said he was not home when officers saw him approaching the backyard. Officer Enhoffer confronted him and said Goodner pointed a gun at him.

Officer Enhoffer fired twice, but Goodner retreated. Other officers came around the side of the house and Goodner fired and striking Officer Michael Cordiviola in the leg. Officer Cordiviola fired back four times at Goodner.

Officer Brian Lynch dragged Officer Cordiviola to safety.

Officer Enhoffer again confronted Goodner and told him to drop the gun and Goodner is heard repeatedly calling for officers to end his life.

Goodner then fired his gun at Officer Enhoffer who returned fire and struck Goodner. Goodner was declared dead at Bayfront Health.

Officer Cordiviola is recovering at Bayfront health and is doing well. He has been a St. Pete Officer for 10 years.