Tampa Police Involved In Shooting

Over the last three months, Tampa Police officers purchased Hydo Marijuana from the suspect named Jason Joseph Westcott, 29, multiple times. During each transaction, the suspect was armed with a handgun. Today, officers obtained a warrant to search the home and arrest the suspect.

Due to the high risk of executing a search warrant at the home of an armed suspect, officers utilized the Tactical Response Team (SWAT) to make entry into the house. They came in contact with a subject in the front room who immediately surrendered and was taken into custody. When officers opened the door of a back bedroom, the armed suspect raised his gun and threatened the officers.

They feared for their lives and two officers fired at least two shots. The suspect was transported to St Joseph’s Hospital where he later died. Police are still searching for next of kin. His name will be released as soon as NOK is notified.

The investigation is ongoing. It has yet to be determined if the other subject in the house will face charges. TPD’s Shoot Team, Internal Affairs and the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office are all investigating the incident.

Per protocol, the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave while the investigations are conducted.