Tampa Police Have Suspect in Sexual Battery, Home Invasion Spree

Charlie Bates, 02/26/1989, B/M from last night’s crime spree. He has multiple tattoos on his arms and neck. He is 5’9″, 160-170 pounds, shoulder length dreadlocks that he wears in a ponytail.

1. Charlie Bates is a suspect in a home invasion that occurred on 8/9/2013 in the victim’s home near Busch Boulevard and Rome Avenue. The suspect broke into her home through a locked back door. He demanded money, her phone and jewelry at gunpoint. He threatened to sexually batter her and kill her. The victim began praying. He fled from the scene. While breaking into the home, he cut himself and left blood at the scene. As a result of the DNA left behind, the suspect was identified on 8/30 and a warrant was issued for Charlie Bates’ arrest on one count of armed home invasion/robbery.

Bates is also a suspect in two additional cases.

2. On 9/5 the victim called police about a home invasion that occurred on 9/3. The suspect entered the victims’ house through an unlocked backdoor. A boyfriend and girlfriend were asleep in the bedroom. The suspect woke them at gunpoint and demanded money. The suspect pistol whipped the boyfriend and committed a sexual act on the girlfriend before fleeing the scene. He threated to kill them if they called police. Because they feared for their lives, they didn’t report the crime until two days later.

3.On 9/5, the suspect approached the victim while she was sitting out on her screened porch and forced her into her apartment at gunpoint. He ordered her to undress and forced her to kiss him. She began reciting bible scriptures and prayed for the suspect. His demeanor changed, he apologized and he gave her a shirt to cover up. They prayed together, she ripped out pages from the Bible and gave them to the suspect. He fled the apartment and she called 911.