Taco Bell Launches Breakfast Menu With Commercial Featuring Ronald McDonald


Taco Bell fans, prepare to set your alarm clocks earlier. 

The Mexican fast-food chain launched its new breakfast hours and menu on March 27. Now opening at 7 a.m. the new menu features items like the Waffle Taco, described on the chain’s website as “a warm waffle wrapped around a delicious sausage patty and fluffy scrambled eggs topped with cheese and served with a side of sweet syrup”. 

Other menu items include the A.M. Crunchwrap, Cinnabon Delights, and several versions of a breakfast burrito. To promote the new menu, Taco Bell aired a commercial in which 25 men, who have the legal name Ronald McDonald, take bites of the new breakfast items and share their approval. The tag of the commercial is “Breakfast anyone can love, even Ronald McDonald”.  Taco Bell admits that the men were paid to be in the commercial, but that their reactions were authentic.

The 14 new menu items cost between $1.00-$2.49 and range in nutrition from 260-490 calories. Over 6,000 Taco Bell locations nationwide have the new menu and had to be outfitted with coffee machines.