Supporters Rally For Obamacare In Largo

largo_2013LARGO — About 30 people rallied in front of the West Bay Surgery Center Thursday afternoon in support of the embattled Affordable Care Act, the controversial health care measure, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

Organizers say the effort was an attempt to counter what they say is widespread misinformation about the law, which has been a source of deep contention since before its passage in 2010. Similar rallies are going on across the country, led by supporters and those who want the law repealed, and passion on either side is intensifying.

Staunch opposition to the law is at the heart of the ongoing government shutdown that has temporarily closed museums, national parks and furloughed federal employees. Health care reform advocates hope they can convince others of its purported benefits.

“We are just trying to make sure we have an opportunity to counteract some of the myths that are out there, the very dangerous myths,” said Susan Lylis, a volunteer with Organizing for America, the group behind the event.


Source: TBO