Where Does Your State Rank In Well Being?

What is “well being” you ask? Well in a sentence, it’s where you pop out of bed full of motivation, about to meet a bunch of friends, with no stressful money issues, good health, and just liking where you’re living. If you have all that, you have fantastic well-being.

But if you are dragging yourself out of bed, with nowhere to go, looking at bills piled on the coffee table, mostly from doctors, as you listen to gunshots outside… not so much.

Gallup and Healthways has been tracking well-being since 2008, and the 2014 state rankings are in. Alaska & Hawaii lead the pack, while Virginia & Kentucky sit at the bottom. But regional patterns are more interesting, with trouble for the Midwest, while the Southwest and Northern Plains thrive.

ABC’s Aaron Katersky joined Your Wake Up Call Friday to discuss.

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