Southwest Airline, American Airline Planes Clip Wings At LaGuardia Airport

Passengers at LaGuardia Airport in New York had to be taken off a plane after it and another plane clipped wings.

According to CBS New York, a Southwest Airline and an American Airlines plane clipped wings at about 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Below is a 23 second video of the incident recorded by a passenger exiting one of the planes.

According to the Port Authority, 143 passengers and five crew members had to evacuate after the plane sustained damage.

“The wingtip of the aircraft operating Southwest Airlines Flight #449 departing from New York LaGuardia to Denver came in contact with another aircraft that was awaiting a gate,” Southwest said in a statement. “The 143 customers onboard Flight 449 deplaned the aircraft via air stairs and were bussed to the terminal where our Teams are working to get them to their destinations. The aircraft involved has been taken out of service for inspection and repairs.”

No one was injured.