South Florida Man Fatally Stabs Wife Over Hamburger Argument

KENDALL, Fla. (AP) _ Police say a 78-year-old South Florida man became so enraged when his wife refused to cook him a hamburger that he stabbed her to death.

Miami-Dade police say Bartolo Gelsomino confessed to killing his wife 71-year-old Ana Gelsomino on Jan. 21 and staging a burglary to cover up the crime.

He faces second-degree murder charges and will be arraigned Feb. 11.

The Miami Herald ( reports the couple’s daughter found her mother’s body in the home.

As police searched the home, Gelsomino _ a Sicily-born man who primarily speaks Italian _ showed up.

They noticed two possible blood stains on his shirt.

Gelsomino told police he stabbed his wife during an argument.

He then led detectives to a trash bin in a nearby warehouse where he tossed the knife.