Coke Tries to Upstage Milk With “Fairlife”

Seeing sales of their soft drinks in decline, Coca-Cola is going to try and jump into the healthy beverage market, and they are going to try it with milk. That’s right. Rolling out nationally over the next few weeks, a product labeled “Fairlife,” which is actually milk, fortified with extra protein, and less sugar. The milk product goes through a filter system, that removes the bad stuff, and then adds more favorable ingredients.

So by the time you pour it into a glass, it is lactose free, with 50 percent more protein, 30 percent more calcium, and 50 percent less sugar. But it’s also over 100 percent the price of regular milk, at around $4 for a half gallon. But Coke thinks they have a hit on their hands.

ABC’s Scott Goldberg joined us from New York.

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