Snake Comes Out Of Toilet And Bites Man

An Israeli man’s penis was bitten by a snake hiding in a toilet last Friday. According to the Times of Israel, the man was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for “minor injuries,” but tests found that the snake was not venomous. Have there been other attacks like this?

More than you want to know. While there are multiple urban legends surrounding toilet-based animal attacks, and they are rare, several people have been known to have been bitten by animals while sitting down on the toilet. And not just by snakes.

One of the most well-known bathroom assailants is the rat. A 1999 article in the Richmond Times Dispatch reported that a Petersburg, Va., woman was sitting down on the toilet when a rat “jumped up out the commode” and bit her. In 2008, as reported by, a 55-year-old British woman was sitting on the toilet when she was bitten by a rat. She described the rat as “a big, black one, seven or eight inches long,” and said she weighed down the toilet lid to stop other rats that were trying to get out.

It’s not always clear how rats get into the toilets; some may sneak into the house through other means and only later find themselves stuck in the toilet. But exterminators say it’s not uncommon for rats to come up through the pipes.


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