Colin Causes Floods, Closes Skyway



Tropical Storm Colin, churning 300 miles off the Tampa Bay coast in the Gulf of Mexico.
It’s heading north-northeast at 17 miles an hour.

Expectations are Colin will make landfall in Florida’s Big Bend.

For us, the threats are gusty winds that could topple trees and power lines and heavy rains and storm surge.

National Weather Service forecaster Rick Davis says coastal flooding is already happening on Bayshore Drive in Tampa, Tarpon Springs, and parts of Manatee County thanks to afternoon high tides.

Thanks to high winds earlier and more expected gusts above 50 miles an hour, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is closed.

There’s also a threat of tornadoes, mostly inland.

The governor has declared a State of Emergency in 34 counties that will get the brunt of Tropical Storm Colin, including all of Tampa Bay.

A Tropical Storm Warning and a Flood Watch is up for the Bay area through tonight.

All storm threats should be gone from Tampa Bay by midnight.