Six-Year-Old Boy Survives Hours Trapped In Sand Dune

For 3 1/2 hours, rescuers dug desperately to reach the 6-year-old boy swallowed whole in the northern Indiana sand dunes.

But the more they dug, the deeper Nathan Woessner seemed to sink in the 11-foot mound of sand.

“One minute you’re thinking, ‘We don’t know what we’re going to have,’ and you’re thinking the worst. Then you’re hoping for the best,” one of the rescuers, Rich Elm said.

“There was lots and lots of guys hand digging, trying to expose him making sure nobody was going to hurt him or anything with any equipment.”

Six-year-old Nathan Woessner and his family had gone to Mount Baldy Beach at the Indiana Dunes National Park on Friday. It was a day meant to be a fun family vacation at the beach on the Lake Michigan shoreline.


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