Shark Betting Is Florida’s New Gamble Hobby

Florida Creates New Way For Gamblers To Bet Their Money And It Involves Sharks.

Shark Bites, the tasty gummy snack every 90’s kid remembers eating during snack time at school.

Then there’s Shark Tank, the popular tv show hosting 5 entreupeaural millionaires making and breaking dreams of prospective innovators.

Now, Florida is introducing Shark Betting, a new form of gambling, except no dice or cards will be involved.

With a $5,000 buy in, you can now bet on real life sharks. The bet is simple, pick a shark you believe will travel the furthest distance in a 6 month span.

Sharks will be tagged when bets are placed on them and those tagged will be tracked by satellites to measure the distanced traveled. This is the perfect hobby if you are a marine biologist who loves to gamble away life savings.

The winning shark get’s absolutely nothing but the person who placed the bet on the winning shark will receive a fishing trip in the Florida Keys. This new trend is for a good cause, where all the money goes to scientists to help better understand and preserve sharks.