Server From Bern’s Creates Organic Probiotic Vegetables

Jack Wilkinson Berns 380x300

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk

Long before  ice boxes or modern refrigeration, people experimented with various methods to preserve the food they caught or grew.  While most of our food today comes from grocery shelves and the skills of canning or pickling is all but lost, those time-tested techniques are still valuable today.

The Food Nation Radio Network recently spoke with Jack Wilkinson, a long-time server at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa about one his passions, (when he is not working) preserving his own food.  Jack uses age-old traditions and recipes but has taken it a step further and with modern pickling tools, he creates his own organic vegetables using anaerobic lactic fermentation. This creates pro-biotics important for our health.

With so many artificial preservatives and the genetic modifications contaminating our food supply, you’ll hear how easy it is to use the same techniques our grandparents used to enjoy safe, healthy foods.

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