Sept. 27: National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

AIDS_Awareness_2013On this National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, it’s time to face facts. Even as a rising tide lifts support for LGBT equality all across the country, who you are and where you live still has an enormous impact on how HIV/AIDS is likely to affect your life.

Here’s just one example. This past summer, I attended a lunch meeting with a group of progressive advocates and leaders in Jackson, Mississippi. These were incredibly dedicated and deeply inspiring folks — representing LGBT organizations, economic justice coalitions, welcoming churches, HIV/AIDS resource groups, just to name a few. Despite their shared goals, a lot of them had never met each other before, and I was glad for the opportunity to help open a dialogue.

But for the people at that meeting, the most important person we met that day wasn’t seated at that table. It was our 25-year-old server.

We didn’t know it at first. As we discussed the work ahead, he refilled our water and sweet tea, and paid quiet attention. But when conversation started winding down, he stepped back up to the table and cleared his throat to speak.


Source: Huffington Post