“Seffner bandit” scheduled to appear in court

Police have been looking for a man who had robbed stores 21 times in the last two years.  Tuesday night, they think they got their man.

He is known to authorities as the “Seffner bandit”, but his real name is 32-year-old Andre King and he is scheduled to appear in court today.

According to officials, King was hurt while crashing his car after his latest store robbery ended when King found out the store clark was an armed himself.

When King walked into the the Stop-n-Save Food Store on Clewis Avenue in Seffner, he saw that the clerk was waiting for him with a handgun. That’s when King ran out of the store, leading police on a brief chase before he crashed his car.

Deputies said King told them enough information to charge him in other robberies.

They said he told them he committed the crimes to provide for his family, becuase his job did not pay enough.