Best of “Scary Stories in Five Words”

The Twitter-sphere this Halloween began another notable trend today: scary stories in 5 words. Not even our spookiest of stories can escape the 150-character limit introduced by Twitter. Users took this trend in a different direction when they came up with the scariest sentences and scenarios they could think of.

Here are my favorite tweets from the trend:

Top 10 Best Scary Stories in 5 Words

1. We’ve all been there. You are trying to get work done or you finally have time to sit down to watch that new episode of your favorite TV show online and BAM: the tiny x of death next to your connection signal. Death to your wifi that is.

2. Everyone has those days were all you want to do is to stay in bed for the day, relaxing in solitude. And then life sets in.

3. No matter how old you get, the sight of multiple missed calls from a parent immediately sparks fear. Who got hurt? Who died? What’s the emergency?

4. Specifically scary to those in school, whether it be high school or college, but a poor evaluation at work could also work here.

5. We’ve all sat in front of the computer, racking our brains on what we could possibly have made our password. That last ditch effort to sign-in… BAM. Looks like you will need to get a code via email. Now what was that email password again…?

6. Face it: we all live for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We need these days to maintain our feeble grasp of sanity!

7. I don’t care who you are but if this happens: instant terror.

8. Plural of math? Four words instead of five? Priceless.

9. So maybe this is just for us with acrachnophobia. But these words are not one’s you want to hear, especially before bed after that rumor that people swallow 8 spiders each year while they sleep! Thankfully, Scientific American dispelled these rumors, saying “spider experts concede that a sleeping person could plausibly swallow a spider, but ‘it would be a strictly random event.'” Thank you Spider Experts!

10. Ok so all funny business aside, these movies are perfect for Halloween and will put the fear in anyone’s bones.

Actors, actresses, characters and even companies are joining the trend, adding their ideas of the scariest scenarios possible.