St. Petersburg Bartenders Arrested, Sold Alcohol To Minors


Five bartenders from downtown St. Petersburg were arrested on Thursday. Each of the bartenders were accused of providing alcohol to a minor.

According to WFTS, St. Petersburg police officers and members of The State of Florida Division of Alcohol, Beverage, and Tobacco took action and carried out an Underage Drinking Operation on Thursday.

After complaints of these businesses performing illegal actions, the operation consisted of underage volunteers who attempted to enter and buy alcohol at 14 different locations. Among those locations, five establishments unlawfully served the volunteers.

Officers said that the goal of the operation was to inform people of how important it is for bartenders to make sure that the customers are all of legal drinking age. Here is a list of the people that St. Petersburg police arrested on Thursday after the operation:

-John M. Young, W/M, 42, Bartender at Mastry’s, 233 Central Avenue

-Molly McCoy, W/F, 22, Bartender at Crowley’s, 269 Central Avenue

-Wesley Cardinal, W/M, 33, Bartender at The Avenue, 331 First Avenue North

-Brittany A. Barber, W/F, 25, Bartender at Ringside Cafe, 16 2ndStreet North

-Christopher Gorby, W/M, 35, Bartender at Ruby’s Elixir, 15 3rdStreet North