Reason For Latest Allegiant Forced Landing: A Wasp’s Nest


(UPDATE 4:30 p.m.)    Allegiant now says a faulty sensor is the reason Flight 894 diverted to Orlando this morning. A wasp’s nest in the plane’s electronics is what caused the sensor to malfunction.


It’s happened again.

Another Allegiant jet out of the St. Petersrburg-Clearwater airport has been diverted because of some kind of issue.

This time, it was Flight 894 that took off Thursday morning from St. Petersburg, bound for Niagara Falls NY.

But at the Georgia-Florida border, the jet made a U-turn and landed at the Orlando-Sanford Airport.

Passengers were put on another plane and their trip continued.

The airline won’t say what the issue is this time.

Two other Allegiant jets were forced to return to St. Pete-Clearwater airport this month after mid-air mechanical problems.

Allegiant pilots, who are in the middle of a bitter contract dispute, say the airline sacrifices safety for profit.