Police Say 10-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed Himself

Clearwater Police Investigating Death Of 10-Year-Old Boy

According to ABC News, police say a 10-year-old boy shot and killed himself Thursday morning after his mother “was addressing a behavioral issue” before school.

Now police are investigating how the firearm was stored. Clearwater police spokesman Rob Shaw said Ian Sevostjanov’s mother had sent him to his room. In a news release obtained by ABC News, the boy was sent to a room in the family’s apartment at the Lindru Garden Apartments on South Lincoln Avenue, where he obtained the gun.


The call came in at 8:30 a.m. Thursday and the boy was pronounced dead at the scene in a bottom-floor apartment.

Chief Daniel Slaughter held a press conference Thursday morning and said paramedics did all they could to save the boy at the scene, but are unsuccessful.

“A tragedy in all respects,” Slaughter said to WFLA.

Slaughter said officers are speaking with the family, who he described as being in a great amount of distress. At this time police are looking at all angles.

“Any time you have a tragedy with a 10-year-old boy, I’m going to look at it like it’s suspicious,” Slaughter said to WFLA.

Police say the boy lived in the apartment in which the gun went off in. The fifth grader died from a single shot. It is believed that the firearm is legally owned by the residents.

Olga Grusetskaja, 50, the boy’s mother, was in the apartment when the shooting happened, said police. The boy’s father and brother, who also live there, were not home.


Police continue to investigate this case. It is unclear if neglect charges will be filed or how the firearm was stored. Stay with News Talk Florida for more updates.