Robotic Surgery Is High-Tech — But Is It Safe?

The newlywed had been grappling with excruciatingly painful periods for as long as she could remember, when her doctor told her one way she could end the agony was a hysterectomy. Michelle Zarick, then 37, didn’t question it when the doctor wanted to use the latest high-tech option that medicine had to offer: a hysterectomy done with the help of a robot.

“She mentioned that doing the robotic-assisted hysterectomy would shorten my recovery time at home,” says Zarick, who had been diagnosed with fibroids, non-cancerous tumors that grow in the uterine walls.

So Zarick agreed – and initially, everything seemed fine. But in the weeks after the 2009 procedure, she suffered a horrifying complication that is still impacting her life.

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