Report: Civilians, Officers Have Spotted Cop Killer Eric Frein

Eric Frein

Police searching for and pursuing cop killer Eric Frein have spotted him several times, but he’s always too far away to apprehend. They say they have found soiled diapers and cigarettes supposedly used by Frein.

“There have been pursuits. The type of terrain and cover, he has had the ability to disappear,” Lt. Col. George Bivens said, according to ABC News. “Any sightings by law enforcement were at a significant distance. There hasn’t been an opportunity to take a few steps and apprehend him.”

“Some of the sightings have occurred in circumstances where he kept himself far enough away where he knew that it was unlikely someone could get to him,” he added.

“I almost think this is a game to him,” Bivens said.

He is accused of shooting two Pennsylvania state troopers three weeks ago on Sept. 12. One trooper passed away and one was wounded.

According to Bivens, nearly 1,000 officers are involved in the manhunt, which is concentrated near the Delaware State Forest in Pennsylvania. It’s reported that both civilians and officers have spotted him, supposedly wearing black.