‘Quantified Self’ Craze Helps People Track Their Health

Six years after heart surgery, Richard Lewandowski is doing just fine.

Lewandowski, 66, of Ann Arbor uses four cardiac monitors, avidly tracks his blood-glucose level and blood pressure, then spends 15 minutes a day with his Wii Fit Balance Board. If anyone were to ask how he’s doing, he could show them the data he has collected.

“If you know yourself, you can make decisions about how you want to change,” Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski is a part of the growing quantified-self movement, a data craze that involves tracking the health of your body and mind through a variety of equipment and methods. The term “quantified self” was coined in 2007 by Wired magazine editors Gary Wolf and Kim Kelly, who had become enamored with tracking their every move.


Source: USA Today