Pres. Obama On The Road, Showing No Shortage Of Ideas Or Proposals

Maybe he’s just spit-balling ideas out there, but President Obama seems to be throwing things up on a number of fronts, and occasionally, out of the blue. Maybe when your more pragmatically structured and theoretically realistic proposals have no chance in a GOP controlled Congress anyway, this is what you do.

So Thursday night, the White House unveiled a plan for government to pay community college tuitions, affecting some 9 million students, and costing billions of course.

Even the White House admits it’s just a thought. President Obama also promoted plans to lower some mortgage insurance premiums, and will probably share some other ideas as his road trip finds him in Tennessee Friday. Speaking of Capitol Hill, longtime Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer announced she will retire following her term end in 2016.

ABC’s Mary Bruce joined us from Washington to discuss:

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