Zimmerman Juror Escorted From Building

SANFORD, Fla. -A previously dismissed potential juror in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial was escorted off courthouse property by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office on Friday and warned he could be arrested for trespassing if he returns.

SCSO tells Local 6 they “trespassed one of the dismissed jurors” from courthouse property.

The potential juror, 55-year-old unemployed painter and guitar player Jerry Counelis, was eliminated from the jury pool on Wednesday after defense attorneys found a posting from him on a Facebook page from 2012.

Counelis was at the courthouse on Friday during the lunch hour complaining about his anonymity and saying he is hiring an attorney. According to the trespassing report, Counelis walked into the foyer of the jury assembly and expressed his privacy concerns and animosity toward the jury process to the clerk.

Authorities approached him and said that as a dismissed juror he could not be in the jury assembly area or have any contact with potential jurors until after the trial.

Counelis then said, “do they know what they are in for!” pointing to the jury assembly room.


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