Poll: 76% believe in God, 38% do what God asks


Poll: 76% believe in God, 38% do what God asks

A survey from YouGov.com reveals that 76 percent of the nation personally believes in the existence of a God, and half of those say that they have done something because God told them to. Including non-believers, this makes up 38 percent of the entire country.

The poll found that Americans who believe in God are also much more likely to blame or give credit for weather and disasters to God, not man-made global warming or politicians. Overall, 53 percent of those who believe say God has some role in weather and disasters, with 36 saying it happens most or all of the time. Just 17 percent said God has no role in weather.

The poll is an interesting tour of the nation’s God-believing and habits. It found that born-again Christians are more likely to do something because God told them. It also found that more Protestants than Catholics, by a margin of 56 percent to 39 percent, say they have acted on God’s instructions.

Source: PAUL BEDARD | Washington Examiner